Benefits and Features

See Your Ministry In A Whole New Way With A People First Perspective

It's Free!

Run your ministry for free with the Basic Call Out Church Platform Subscription Level. Access and organize your members and prospects in an easy to use web application. Check out the Pricing Page to see other subscription levels if you need a little more. Pay according to the size of your ministry.

Ministry Automation.

From welcome emails, to follow-up surveys, to service and outreach registration, let the Call Out Church Platform do the administrative heavy lifting within your ministry to free up your staff to focus on the mission.

Delegate Responsibility.

Create virtual groups, called Units, then assign one or more leaders to run the group. Make sure nobody 'slips thru the cracks' and gets lost in the crowd.

Reach More Prospects.

Create as many outreach events as you can think up and add members and first time guests as they come. Over time, see which outreach programs work and which ones don't - then adjust and reach more.


The only platform out there that grows with your needs! Start for free and, as the platform helps your ministry grow, utilize the available tools thru paid subscription levels to continue your mission.

All free subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited number of members and prospects
  • Unlimited number of leader log-in's
  • Unlimited number of units and unit activities
  • Unlimited number of outreach events

Ministry Automation.

Put the technology you already have in your buildling to work for you.

  • Let people in your service self-register their attendance by text message.
  • Automatically send a welcome email to first time guests before they even take a seat for service
  • Automatically follow-up with first-time guests after the service with a simple 2-question survey

Delegate Responsibility.

Have a special book club as part of your ministry? Create a unit for the group, put its members in the unit and then add one or more leaders to oversee the group. Works for any organized activity in your ministry!

  • No limits to your units or people in them or leaders for them
  • Leaders will only see members included in their units
  • Gives the senior pastor an opportunity to enlist others to help run the ministry
"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Matthew 28:19

Reach More Prospects.

The Great Commission calls on churches to go out and reach the lost. Use The Call Out Church Platform to manage this effort with ease.

  • Automatically register first-time prospects by text message or a simple online form
  • Create a list of all attenders and then randomly select a few from the group for promotional prize give-aways
  • Automatically send a post-event survey to first-time prospects to gage their interest and participation

Putting it all together.

Roll all of the features together into a complete solution and you have the perfect tool to

  • Run Your Ministry
  • Build Your Ministry
  • Grow Your Ministry